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Maximize your screening business and gain access to our exclusive suite of industry leading services by becoming an Innovative Screening Industry Partner™


As a member of our exclusive Screening Industry Partner Program™, you'll gain immediate access to our comprehensive suite of cutting-edge solutions delivered how and when you need them to be, along with more than two centuries of expertise dedicated to helping you maximize your screening business.

Our solutions are offered exclusively through our Screening Industry Partner Program™, giving you confidence in knowing that you're not in competition with your provider.  We do not sell our solutions directly to employers or consumers, and only highly professional screening firms with a demonstrated track record of integrity who meet our rigorous vetting criteria are invited to become a Screening Industry Partner™.

If you're a professional in the background screening, tenant screening or volunteer screening space and are seeking better solutions to offer your customers, we invite you to begin the process of qualifying to join our exclusive Screening Industry Partner Program™.

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