The industry's largest collection of fully documented healthcare sanctions, exclusions, debarments and board actions records from all 50 States


Built entirely from scratch in consultation with the industry's foremost experts on medical sanctions and exclusions, I-MED™ is available in a Level 1, 2 and 3 solution and features:

  • 1,700+ Direct Primary Sources that our industry leading data team acquires, normalizes and updates in-house

  • Near Time Data Insertion™ technology inserts new public records into the database in 24 hours or less - up to 60 days faster than competing solutions.

  • A real source list that you can hold in your hands

  • Backed by world class customer support that doesn't end when normal business hours do

  • All from a provider you already know and trust... you won't be competing against us on your next RFP.


I-MED™ examines multiple state and federal sources to assist in the identification of health care providers who may have histories of federal or state-level disciplinary actions or disqualifications, or may otherwise place your organization at increased risk.

  • I-MED™ Level 1 includes more federal and state sanctions level sources to help meet federal and state compliance guidelines.  Exceeds that which is currently offered in other providers' Level 1 and Level 1+ solutions.

  • I-MED™ Level 2 searches our federal and state sanctions level sources plus a single state's licensing and board disciplinary actions data.

  • I-MED™ Level 3 searches our federal and state sanctions level sources along with our highly targeted state licensing and board disciplinary actions data for all 50 states... 1,700+ sources in all.



* All I-MED™ solutions exceed the best practice requirements for screening excluded parties as established by the OIG and issued May 8, 2013 in the Special Advisory Bulletin on the Effect of Exclusion from Participation in Federal Health Care Programs.

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