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You've spent years perfecting your expertise, and now you run a first class CRA.  Shouldn't you be using an expert county criminal record solution?


Built by Experts. Trusted by Experts. Endorsed by Experts

Since 1996, we've meticulously researched millions of public records at every single county court in the nation. 


As Founding Members of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS), we worked hand-in-hand with fellow industry expert Timothy Baxter to co-author the association's Criminal Research Provider Guidelines, the accepted industry standard for county criminal research best practices and quality that is still in force today.

"In my view, Innovative represents the Gold Standard when it comes to providing criminal records and working with CRAs."

Lester Rosen,

Attorney, Industry Expert

and author of

"The Safe Hiring Manual"


Expert People

Our public records research staff hold advanced industry certifications, ensuring that we understand the intricate complexities of the regulatory framework under which you operate.

Beyond receiving intensive training on our internal processes and procedures, every member of our public records team completes NAPBS Criminal Research Provider Certification, NAPBS FCRA Basic Certification, and NAPBS FCRA Advanced Certification.

Upholding the highest industry standards of excellence and education underscores our ongoing commitment to delivering the level of expertise you require.

Expert Processes

We own, manage and control our workflow from beginning to end.  Our technology systems are designed and maintained by our own engineers, eliminating the element of uncertainty associated with relying on a third party software platform for processing, integrations, bug fixes or improvements.

Abstracted public records move through a carefully choreographed, multi-layered fusion of highly advanced technology and human expertise to catch common errors, discover usable identifiers, decode jargon, and provide you with meaningful results.

No public record information is returned without being reviewed and approved by two separate  members of our industry certified public record team.


Expert Partners

Ask your friends in the industry about us.  Our reputation for delivering service excellence is second to none, as is our reputation as a world class employer.  We're a great partner to our clients, and to the amazing people on our team who will move mountains to make sure you win.

There's a different kind of experience that comes along with being partnered with us.  Simply put, if you're looking to not only win but to win big, to blaze new trails and to do amazing things, you won't find a better partner than us.


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3,142 counties.  One expert solution.

There's a good chance we're already integrated with your preferred screening platform, but if not, we can have you up and running in no time. 


We can even help you find the perfect Software Partner that's just right for you.

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