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Helpful information to assist you in navigating the background screening process


The background screening process can at times be confusing, especially for consumers.

We're here to help.

While we're not a Consumer Reporting Agency and we don't prepare Consumer Reports or provide information to employers or landlords, we've been around the background screening industry for a long time.

If an employer or landlord made an adverse decision about you based upon a Consumer Report about you, you should contact that employer or landlord directly.  Please note that we don't make hiring or tenancy decisions, nor do we do business with employers or landlords.

If a Consumer Reporting Agency prepared a Consumer Report about you and you believe the information it contained is incorrect, you should contact the Consumer Reporting Agency directly.  While Consumer Reporting Agencies may search for "pointer" data from us, they are not allowed to use our information in their Consumer Reports, and they are contractually required to independently verify any pointer data that they may request from us.  They are also legally required to ensure that their Consumer Report is accurate, complete and up to date.

If public record information (like the information on a court's website) about you is incorrect, you should contact that court or government agency directly.  For help locating and getting in touch with a specific court, please use the Court Locator.

We don't maintain a "file" on you or on any other consumer, but if you're curious about what public record information our customers might see when they search us, click here to get in touch with us.

If you've been granted an Expungment Order and want to make sure we have that information, please click here.

For other general questions, or if your question is not answered here, please click here to contact our dedicated compliance team.  Keep in mind that we're not attorneys and we can't give you legal advice, but we'll do our best to assist you and to point you in the right direction.  

Additional Resources

A list and other helpful information from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Also from the CFPB, your rights under the FCRA

Links to websites for courts in all 50 states provided by the National Center for State Courts

A 50 state listing of expungement eligibility and requirement information from the Restoration of Rights Project

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Innovative Enterprises, Inc. ("IEI") is not a "Consumer Reporting Agency," and services do not constitute a "Consumer Report" as those terms are defined under the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15. U.S.C. § 1681 et seq. ("FCRA").  Services may not be included, in whole or in part, in any Consumer Report, nor may they be used in any way to establish any consumer's eligibility for employment, certain benefits, or any other Permissible Purpose under the FCRA.  IEI does not provide services directly to employers, landlords, or to any other entity which makes hiring or rental decisions, or any other decision regulated by the FCRA.